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The Pros and Cons of Aquaponics System

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So, if you love raising your own favorite fish and grow your own delicious fruits and vegetables, then why not try make your own aquaponics system at home? One of the great things about aquaponics system is that it uses ecofriendly process where fish wastes can be converted from nitrites to ammonia which is very essential for the plants to grow healthier. These plants also filter and clean the water coming from the grow beds back to the fish tank.

Other advantages you can gain from the aquaponics system are the following:

 It needs small amount of soil for growing fruits and vegetables.
 It only uses organic fertilizer coming from the wastes of fish.
 It helps in the conservation of water since it uses water recycling process.
 The elimination of the solid wastes of fish disposal similar to traditional aquaculture system.
 The decline of pathogens that causes diseases to aquaculture.
 Helps balance the ecosystem of both plants and fish since it uses natural materials like byproducts in its processes.
 The feeling of enjoyment of having your own grown farm at your very own backyard.
 The feeling of satisfaction the moment you harvest your own fruits, vegetables and fish for the family anytime you want.
 The advantage of planting crops the whole year round unlike traditional aquaculture.

On the other hand, aquaponics may also have its own negative side. Here are some of the possible cons of aquaponics system:
 The expenses of the wirings, housing, tank, plumbing, and budget for the fish and plants.
 Though they are designed using high standards and even if it’s carefully attended, there might still be some failures in electrical wirings and pipe blockage.
 Tubes and water supply needs constant monitoring to see if they are still functioning properly. This is vital for the growth of both your plants and your fish since leaks and blockages can be detrimental to the environment of both organisms.
 The fish feeds are usually from the lower value species.
 Some of the installations heavily relies with the technological solution and man-made energy to achieve the recirculation of water from the plants grow beds to the fish tank and vice versa. However, the aquaponics is designed to have an energy conservation system using the alternative energy in which you can control to turn it on or off for the water to flow back and forth in the system.

Though there are minimal disadvantages, they are still manageable. Besides, if you really want something, you must be willing to pay the price. After all, you can gain greater benefits out from it. So if you want to reap all the benefits of using aquaponics system at your home to have a healthy food supply, you need to invest some of your time, money and other resources. In the long run you will enjoy all the benefits of growing healthy, clean, fresh and organic food at home.

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