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How to Build Aquaponics System: Vertical Type

How to Build Aquaponics System: Vertical Type

Aquaponics system comes in many shapes and forms. Depending on the purpose of your aquaponics system, like for people who want to make it for commercial aquaponics purposes, they may build a large one and it’s usually located in their backyard or find another big location for it. However, if you are the type who just wants to set up aquaponics system as a hobby or just for the production of veggies for the consumption of the family, then here’s an easy and economical way to do it. Let’s call this aquaponics system—the “vertical type”.

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Here are the set of materials that you will need. Remember, you can always swap things if you lack some other materials in there. You can even use scrap, provided that they’re still in good condition and not, in any way, could affect the activity in your aquaponics system.

-          Pipes

-          50 gallon drum/s (usually two)

-          4 inch elbows and T connectors (four of them)

-          Plastic cups

-          Cloth Strips

-          Scrap woods

-          20 feet aquarium tubing

-          2 rolls to electrical tape

-          Water Pumps


Tools that you need:

-          Hand drill

-          1 in hole and 3 in hole saw

The time that you need to spend in order to complete creating your aquaponics system is 2 hours with these materials listed above.

As for the type of fishes, you need to choose the type that is suited best based on your weather and your location. In example if you are living in a tropical country, tilapia is the best fish species that you can use. In this type of system too, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and strawberries thrives best. You can also plant flowering plants if you want.

Happy building! If you want a more detailed look on aquaponics system and the style on how to build it, you can get our free mini course or better yet, take a copy of our EBook.

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