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How to Build Aquaponics Vertical Style

There are several benefits when you decide to make a vertical farm for the production of both plants (vegetables) and fish. Based on specific measurements, a household-sized vertical aquaponics system can be fitted perfectly in a 1m x 2m specification. This space is actually enough to be able to feed and supply the family with vegetables and fish for the entire year. That is how sustainable the project is. When you build aquaponics system, you just don’t look at the fun in doing so, you also enable practicality since you may no longer have to buy vegetables and fish in the market.

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Get More Food without the Need for More Water

Unlike the old and traditional type of aquaponics system, the vertical type can grow vegetables sustainably without the need for soil placed in columns situated above a fish tank. Additionally, it also doesn’t use that much water and it doesn’t take too much space.

While aquaponics in general are very practical, one of the major issues is the need for a large space to accommodate the fish tank and the soil bed. But with the vertical type, such issues are address. Hence, you still can produce vegetables and raise fish for consumption. The main benefit of the task to build aquaponics vertically is the fact that you can produce and grow two times the number of plants compared to that of an old hydroponic system. Specifically saying, a tower or vertical aquaponics system measuring five feet may be able to produce more than two hundred heads of cabbage or lettuce each year.

Common Benefits

One of the best things about an aquaponics system is that there is perfect balance. You sort of build and create an ecosystem composed of fish, water, and plants with an almost everlasting sustainability. It works by converting fish waste products into natural fertilizers for the crops or plants. Meanwhile, there’s a small water pump that draws and uses the water (which is rich in nutrients) from the fish tank and transfers it to the vertical columns containing the plants. The water will drip down to the roots of the plants giving them that needed set of nutrients for them to grow. And because the entire vertical aquaponics is enclosed, there is no exposure to outside elements; hence, there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers.

In the end, to build aquaponics and maintain it, the only responsibility you have to perform religiously is to replace or add water the moment you see there’s a need to. Aside from that, you need to power the pump and feed the fish regularly.

Ideal Fish and Plants to Grow

When it comes to edible plants and vegetables, the most feasible and ideal options are green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and even herbs. The most popular fish species in aquaponics system meanwhile are tilapia and trout.

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