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Why Aquaponics Farms are better than Traditional Farms

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Why Aquaponics Farms are better than Traditional Farms

Less space, energy efficient, environmental friendly and completely organic—who wouldn’t want to have this kind of farm? Fortunately, with the new technology in farming, it is made possible and it is widely known as “aquaponics farms”.

In contrary to traditional farming, aquaponics allows you to do farming even if you have limited space available in your backyard. You will not worry about the water supply too since the water that you used the first time you set up the system will not be replaced totally. Instead, you will just add water to replace the water that has evaporated.

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In traditional farming, you spend more by buying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer to maintain the beautiful and tasty looking appearance of your fruits. In aquaponics, you spend less and you reap more. You both raise fish and veggies, and you don’t need to use fertilizers or herbicides since the manure of the fishes is what makes the veggies grow and flourish and the controlled environment when working on an aquaponics system makes it easier to maintain and control pests. Aquaponics farms also let you grow healthy veggies 2 times faster, and you can also notice that they are bigger.

Now, you might already be thinking how to set-up one? It’s pretty simple actually. You just have to prepare water pumps, grow beds, growing mediums like clay or pebbles, fishes and veggies, fish tanks (if you’re planning to build aquaponics farm, make sure it is bigger), and pH and ammonia tester kit.  If you have these basic needs for building an aquaponics system, you are ready to go.

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